Gifts that Ignite Unforgettable Events

Elevate your brand events and marketing efforts with personalised gifting experiences that create lasting memories.

Gifts for any occasion

Product Launch

Make a grand entrance with unique gifts that set the stage for a successful product launch with our personalised corporate gift. Ensure that your brand shines bright on this special occasion!

Conferences and
Trade Shows

Leave a lasting impression on attendees with gifts that enhance your presence at conferences to make your booth stand out and spark engaging conversations.

Brand Activations

Whether it’s a pop-up event, a promotional campaign, or an interactive experience, our gifts create a buzz and boost brand engagement.

NEC Partnership with Smilie

Client: NEC Asia Pacific
Event: Business Excellence Awards Gala Dinner

How might we?

Continuously enhance sustainability efforts and employee delight at events while maximizing the impact of charitable contributions?

Boost your
Business Results

Benefit from the right gift at the right time


Make your corporate events truly memorable with curated gifts & e gift vouchers that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Curated Guest Gifts

Impress your guests with personalised gifts that reflect your brand identity and show appreciation.

PR Packages for Impact

Send out PR packages to partners and media that tell your brand story through meaningful gifts.

Seamless Branding

Elevate your brand identity through custom packaging, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand experience.

Products We Do

At Smilie, we take pride in curating corporate gifts that reflect your appreciation and create memorable moments.
Our selection includes a wide array of products designed to suit various preferences and occasions.

Pastry gift boxes

Tech gadgets

Dining experiences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we can. Branded gifts often are an important part of PR packages for announcements, media, partnerships, and Smilie can help your brand with this. Our Singapore corporate gifting solution platform can open all sorts of possibilities – across different timings and budgets – for you to explore.

Smilie’s platform can take your brand and customise all types of gifts and materials with your brand identity. Having variations for of your brand coloured, light/transparent, and dark/transparent will allow you to explore the most options.

Smilie understands the importance of delivering timely orders with quality products and is committed to represent your brand and creative concepts with our unique curations. We have a Gifting Curation team who loves creating memorable experiences with clients!

Great gifts are all about creating meaningful memories. We can help you pick, produce, and deliver the perfect gifts that will elevate your event and have positive considerations for environmental and social impact.