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Welcome to Smilie, where we believe that every good moment deserves a great gift.
Our passion for meaningful connections and authentic expressions of appreciation has driven us to redefine the world of corporate gifting.

Personal Connections

Smilie thrives on creating authentic connections through the power of meaningful gifts. In the corporate world, gifts serve as expressions that bridge organizations and individuals, fostering brand loyalty and affiliation. However, the intricate process of planning, sourcing, and delivering remarkable gifts can be daunting for many.

Smilie’s founders embarked on a mission to rekindle the genuine delight and profound meaning that gifts can convey. Leveraging the synergy of technology and human thoughtfulness, Smilie is committed to revolutionizing the way businesses establish connections, one considerate gift at a time. Our goal is to simplify the gifting process, enabling companies to create lasting impressions effortlessly and authentically.

Our Values


Thoughtfulness drives us to go beyond the ordinary, crafting gifts that are reflections of genuine care.


Innovation empowers us to reimagine gifting, ensuring that every moment is celebrated uniquely.


Connection binds us to our clients and their recipients, fostering relationships that are as meaningful as the gifts themselves.


Wonderful Moments
deserve Wonderful Gifts

Our commitment to ensuring that every gesture of appreciation is met with a customised gifting solution that speaks volumes.
We’re here to elevate gifting from an obligatory task to an opportunity for meaningful connection.

The Smilie Team

Tay Wee Leng


Wenhao D


Eunice Tan

Operations Lead

Ashraf Omar

Engineering Lead

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