Customised Corporate Gifting Solutions in Singapore

Personalised gestures hold paramount importance in the dynamic business landscape, often serving as a bridge between organisations and their associates. Smilie champions this philosophy, reshaping the corporate gifting paradigm in Singapore. As a premier provider of corporate gifting solutions, Smilie, offers an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary gifts, all meticulously tailored to meet specific business needs. 

Whether it’s a universally appealing gift card or a custom corporate gift designed meticulously to resonate with your brand’s ethos, Smilie ensures every offering is both unique and impactful. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology combined with the timeless art of human touch, Smilie streamlines the gifting process. This customised gifting solutions efficiency ensures that each gift, whether big or small, becomes an authentic representation of appreciation, reinforcing business relationships. With Smilie at the helm, companies can effortlessly convey gratitude, strengthen business ties, and create unforgettable experiences, fortifying their brand’s resonance with partners and employees alike.

What is a Corporate Gifting Solution?

A corporate gifting solution is a strategic approach designed to facilitate businesses in expressing appreciation, strengthening relationships, and boosting brand loyalty through the power of gifts. Smilie takes this concept a notch higher by offering a seamless platform tailored for companies, businesses, and brands. 

Through our innovative platform, businesses can select from an extensive range of curated gifts that resonate with their brand identity and the recipient’s preferences. Whether it’s celebrating milestones, fostering client relationships, or showing gratitude to employees, Smilie simplifies the gifting process. The synergy of technology and curated offerings ensures that every gift sent is not just a token, but a reflection of the brand’s values, making Smilie the go-to solution for impactful corporate gifting.

Who Needs a Corporate Gifting Solution?

Corporate gifting aren’t just about the act of giving, but rather the thought, intention, and strategic purpose behind each gift. Various stakeholders stand to benefit immensely from this thoughtful gesture. Discover how our corporate gifting solution Singapore helps your business and brands:

1. Customers

At the core of every successful business lies its loyal customer base. Gifting customers goes beyond mere appreciation; it’s an investment with a high return. Think of gifting in personal relationships. When someone offers a gift reflecting your tastes, it leaves a lasting impression. This principle extends to the corporate world. 

Businesses that tailor gifts for their customers, especially VIPs, create a profound connection. Choosing upmarket gifts, like a limited-edition bottle of spirit for DIY cocktail lovers, can cement your brand’s position in their minds. By understanding the customer’s preferences and needs, Smilie’s gifting solutions company ensures that each gift resonates, driving stronger brand loyalty.

2. Employees

The bedrock of any organisation is employees, who respond positively to appreciation. Adding a personal touch to standard gifts like dining experiences or tech gadgets, such as attaching a handwritten note acknowledging their hard work, can boost morale and foster a sense of belonging. With Smilie’s customised gifting solutions, businesses can ensure that employee gifts, whether for milestones or simply to show appreciation, are memorable.

3. Prospects

In the world of business, standing out to potential clients or collaborators can be a challenge. Strategic gifting can be a game-changer. It’s not just about luxurious products or vouchers but ensuring the gifts tell your brand story. The effort put into selecting the customised gift can position your brand favourably in their minds. Smilie aids businesses in identifying and procuring gifting solutions that would align with your brand’s identity, making a lasting impression.

Reasons to Go for Our Gifting Solution

  • Detailed dashboard: Obtain real-time insights with our comprehensive dashboard, making tracking your corporate gifting activities a breeze.
  • End-to-end management: We shoulder the entire gifting process, from selection to delivery, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Pay only when claimed: Maximise your gifting budget’s value, as you’re only billed for gifts that are claimed by recipients.
  • Occasion scheduling: Don’t let any moment slip away. Automate your gift deliveries to ensure timely arrivals without any fuss.
  • Savings assured: Our data-driven model not only ensures impactful gifting solutions but also guarantees cost-effectiveness.
  • Gifting On The Go: With our unique gifting bot on WhatsApp, gift selections are just a message away. Moreover, you pay only for what’s claimed, ensuring both efficiency and economy.

Start Giving with Our Customised Gifting Solutions


Dive into a seamless gifting experience with Smilie, a gifting solutions company. Begin with our corporate gifting solution Singapore, innovative gifting bot on WhatsApp to swiftly generate a curated list of redeemable gifts. Empower your recipients by letting them choose from a collection tailored to their budget, ensuring their gift feels both personal and cherished.


For those desiring a customised gift, our “Build Your Own Hamper” option allows recipients to handpick and assemble a unique gift set from a diverse range of offerings. And for those who wish to extend their kindness further, Smilie provides an opportunity via our corporate gifting solution Singapore platform to make a meaningful contribution. Recipients can channel their gift budget towards our partner charities, turning their present into a gift that keeps on giving.