Gifts that Ignite 
Client Relationships

Foster authentic client relationships through personalised and strategic gifting experiences.

Referral Rewards

At Smilie, we believe in the power of connections.
Our referral rewards program is designed to help you expand your network and enjoy the benefits of mutual growth.

Send a gift to new clients on-the-go

Begin by gifting your client a token of appreciation through Smilie. Simply reach out to our WhatsApp Gifting Bot to activate sending of a gift or Singapore online gift card on the go!

Prompt a referral from your delighted client

The moment of delight is perfect for sharing with a wider network - our gifting experience seamlessly encourages clients for referrals for new leads.

Everyone receives something

Help your clients celebrate shared connections by gifting group experiences - treat your clients and their referred network to a lovely meal or enriching workshop!

Boost your
Business Results

Benefit from the right gift at the right time


Expand your client base when your clients can help refer their social network with your gift referral code.

Client Appreciation

Elevate client relationships through personalised gifting experiences that convey gratitude and strengthen bonds.

Celebrate Successes

Mark milestones and achievements with thoughtful gifts that reflect your commitment to your clients and partners.

Seamless Branding

Enhance your professional image with custom packaging that reinforces your brand identity and values.

Products We Do

At Smilie, we take pride in curating corporate gifts that reflect your appreciation and create memorable moments.
Our unique corporate gifts Singapore selection includes a wide array of products designed to suit various preferences and occasions.

Pastry gift boxes

Tech gadgets

Dining experiences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any occasion, we can connect your brand with the best products and experiences available, compatible with what’s trending and budgets. From mooncakes for your Mid-Autumn Festival gifting to your Christmas hampers and baskets, we’ve got your back!

Our gifting solutions company work very closely with agents and sales representatives who are on the go and understand that gifting is a great way to keep relationships with your clients close. So, instead of having to take time out of your busy schedules to plan and purchase gifts, we take on the heavy lifting for you – from curating gifts within your budget to delivering it for your esteemed clients. What’s more – we are just a few messages away on WhatsApp. Check out our WhatsApp Gifting Bot!

Smilie definitely works with clients to ensure that gifts can be customised and branded in alignment with your branding guidelines. Simply provide us with the right assets and elements and we are sure to provide gifts that best represent your brand. On top of that, we have typically worked with clients to identify causes they support to be a part of gift-giving. See what we’ve done with NEC Asia-Pacific.