Gift Management

Explore how our tech capabilities redefine the way you manage, personalize, and streamline your corporate gifting initiatives.

Detailed Dashboard

Real-time insights at your fingertips with a comprehensive dashboard for tracking gifting activities.

End-to-End Management: Simplify your gifting process from selection to delivery, leaving no detail unattended.

Pay Only When Claimed

Ensure efficient use of your gifting budget by paying only for claimed gifts.

Occasion Scheduling

Never miss a moment. Automate gift scheduling for timely, hassle-free delivery via our customised gifting solution.

Savings Assured:

Our data-driven approach guarantees cost savings, making your gifting impactful and economical.

Ways to Gift

Set a Budget and Allow Recipients to Choose

Empower recipients to select a gift from a curated collection within their allocated budget, ensuring a personalised and cherished choice.

Build Your Own Hamper

Tailor the gifting experience by offering a range of gifts. Recipients can mix and match items to create a unique and thoughtfully assembled hamper. We also offer Singapore gift cards!

Make a Meaningful Contribution

Provide the option to donate. Recipients can choose to allocate their gift budget to partner charities, making a positive impact that resonates with their values.

Send a Gift
On The Go!

Your Personal Gift Butler: Simply send a message to our Gifting Bot on WhatsApp to generate a selection of gifts that can be redeemed by your recipient.

Your Absolute Money-saver: Pay only for claimed gifts. And save on gift selections below your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, 100%. By getting clear needs and inputs from you, we’re able to create corporate gifts Singapore solutions that will work for you in any condition.

Yes, our distribution can reach anywhere in Singapore and also beyond the country. Contact us for more information about international destinations.

Smilie’s platform can be used as a standalone platform or with API integrations to your existing databases. Please reach out to our customer success team to discuss which option fits your needs best.

Yes, you do. Bid farewell to the days when gifting budgets are written off without clear insights to their effectiveness. With our platform, you will have access to an entire dashboard tracking exact budgets spent for each recipient and campaign. Plus, if we have integrated with your CRM systems, we could help you understand which gifting moment generated the best returns.