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Team Engagement

Improve employee appreciation with personalised and thoughtful gifting experiences

Gifts for any occasion

Onboarding and
Welcome Gifts

Create a warm and welcoming environment for new hires. Our selection of onboarding presents and gift cards helps new employees feel valued and part of the team from day one.

Employee Milestones
and Achievements

Whether it’s work anniversaries, promotions, or project successes, send your team members a curated set of gifts to celebrate their achievements. Our Singapore corporate gifts inventory as a variety of choices!

Special Occasions
and Holidays

Tired of ubiquitous gifts for each festivity? Switch up the mood by offering choices of non-conventional gifts to add variety on top of customary items.

Boost your
Business Results

Benefit from the right gift at the right time


Our marketplace enables you to mix and match gifts, saving you valuable time spent on sourcing and curating.


We handle delivery logistics, ensuring hassle-free delivery to both office and remote employees


Elevate your gifts with your company’s branding and custom packaging. 



Measure the impact of your gifting strategy through quantifiable results and employee feedback.

Products We Do

At Smilie, we take pride in curating corporate gifts that reflect your appreciation and create memorable moments.
Our selection includes a wide array of products designed to suit various preferences and occasions.

Pastry gift boxes

Tech gadgets

Dining experiences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we can. Personalising takes the form of our gifting solution platform understanding your audience and identifying the right set of curated gift choice. For certain products, we are also able to customise to include special engravings and printings. We believe this is an important part of making it memorable and able to achieve maximum impact.

Yes, you can. Our smart platform and solutions enable you to ignite your gifting processes for all sorts of occasion. We have an admin dashboard where you can create campaigns, upload a list of recipients and set individual gifting dates. On the pre-determined gifting date, we will send a gifting link for your recipient to select their gift from a variety of choices. Everything is automated, so you simply preview each gifting experience and track the metrics!

At the heart of our journey is the mission to empower everyone to ignite delight through the power of meaningful gifting. Our team of experienced gift consultants will work with you to understand your company culture and propose the right gifts and experiences for the right audience.

Yes, absolutely! This is one of the ways we differentiate with a tech-enabled platform. When recipients choose what they want to receive, the gifts are dearer to them and gifting becomes less wasteful.