NEC Gala Dinner with Smilie

Nurturing Sustainability and Employee Delight: A Smilie Case Study with NEC Asia Pacific

The Gifting Experience

Client: NEC Asia Pacific
Event: Business Excellence Awards Gala Dinner
Audience: >800 NEC employees and VIP guests

How might we:
Continuously enhance sustainability efforts and employee delight at events while maximizing the impact per budget dollar spent?

The Smilie Experience

Using tech to ignite
the choice of gifts
  • Incorporate meaningful gifting into NEC Asia Pacific’s annual gala dinner.
  • Reduce waste and provide employees with useful gifts.
  • Provide the option for employees to choose charitable donations instead of physical gifts.

The Results

High employee satisfaction

Employees loved being able to choose their gift and praised that “gift options are great” and “thoughtful to be able to donate”.

Contribution to charities

A remarkable 20% of gift choices were donations – $1,640 donated to charities instead of wasted on unnecessary items.

Cost savings

12% of total budget allocated for gifts was saved with options to choose the preferred gift and just-in-time production.

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