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Your CRM and HRM systems provide you data on the key moments for your prospects, customers and employees.

We help turn those data insights into engagement activities creating new touch points that grow OKRs​ and KPIs.  


Creating REAL engagement for leading companies around the world

How it works

Smilie makes it a breeze to engage with prospects and clients in a meaningful way through gifting, direct mail, virtual experiences, events and swag.


Remove the guesswork and unlock your strategy’s full potential

  • Smilie Insights
  • Integrations with major sales and marketing tools 
  • Campaign templates
  • Compliance tracking

Engage 1:1 at scale

We’ll handle the dirty work. So you can engage with each individual like they’re your only customer.

Identify Key Moments

Timing can be everything when it comes to driving powerful engagement. Smilie’s management platform provides recommendations on the exact moments when reaching out could make the difference in retaining talents, preventing churn and shortening sales cycles. Be it recognising the achievements of your team members, celebrating your client’s successful milestone or simply delighting your stakeholders when they least expect it.


Delightful Touchpoints

Every stakeholder is unique; every occasion significant in its own ways. A simple gesture done right can touch your audience meaningfully and leave a lasting impression. Smilie’s curation algorithm learns and proposes the most suitable formats to engage thoughtfully. From enabling quality time with loved ones for your employees to building brand affinity with your customers through experiences and personalised products.

Track Meaningful Insights

Each interaction with employees or customers contains information about satisfaction and level of engagement. Smilie’s engagement modules provides a natural way for you to prompt for feedback or even obtain client referrals for a service well done. 


Valuable Relationships

Real engagement contributes to building meaningful relationships with your employees or customers. Being able to act on key moments with appropriate touchpoints means a better understanding of what your stakeholders want at any point in time, empowering you with a more targeted approach to prospecting or client and talent retention, and building corporate relationships with great returns.     

Turn your data insights into moments that grows revenue

SMU recovered 60% in professor engagement.

NEC reduced employee engagement cost by 22% while increasing engagement score by 50%